Share Your #GiftofLife Story!

Share Your #GiftofLife Story!

Are you one of the thousands of Coloradans who have been touched by organ, eye, and tissue donation?
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Saying Yes to Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Saves Lives

By signing up to the Donate Life Colorado Donor Registry, you can be someone’s hero. One heroic choice can save and heal lives.

Donate Life Colorado Statistics

one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation.

Donate Life Colorado Statistics

one donor can save and heal more than 75 lives through tissue donation.

Donate Life Colorado Statistics

one donor can save the sight of 2 individuals through eye donation.

Donate Life Colorado Statistics

69% of Coloradans have signed up to be organ, eye and tissue donors.

Nearly 2,000 people in Colorado are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant.


Heart Recipient / Arvada, CO

“We didn’t always have that future to look forward to—but now, we do. And it’s a big deal.”

When Connor’s mom took her three-month-old son to the doctor for a cold, she learned that Connor had a condition called cardiomyopathy, a deadly heart disease that could only be remedied by a heart transplant. Connor spent nine weeks on the waiting list and received a transplant on Mother’s Day in 1992.

Connor lived a happy and relatively normal childhood; but after ten years, Connor’s body started to reject the heart. He was placed back on the waiting list, and more than a year later Connor received his second heart transplant on July 18, 2005.

A longtime advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation, Connor is a volunteer and works to help raise awareness about the importance of saying Yes to donation.