Debunking Myths About Organ, Eye & Tissue Donation

Mythbusting: 5 Reasons You Think You Shouldn’t Register as a Donor

1. “I just haven’t thought about it.”

Research shows that many people do not sign up to be organ, eye and tissue donors because they “just haven’t gotten around to it.” What if everyone took a moment to think about the impact they could have on one or more lives?

2. “I always thought my family would decide.”

It’s normal for people to think this is a “family” decision, and many leave it up to their family members. However, donor family members have told us that having conversations with their loved ones regarding their decision to be a donor, helped alleviate the burden of them having to make the decision on their loved one’s behalf during a time of great grief and loss.

3. “I’m not healthy enough. I don’t think I can donate.”

No matter what type of illness or medical condition you have, it may still be possible for you to be a donor and give the gift of life. Many organ recipients have even been donors themselves. Let the medical professionals determine if you are a candidate for donation at the time of your death. So don’t rule yourself out!

4. “I’ve been too busy to sign up.”

In this day and age, making end of life decisions may not be top of mind. That’s why Donate Life Wyoming works hard to put this important message in front of our community. Think about it, talk about it and take action to designate your decision.

5. “I didn’t think I could donate at my age.”

People rule themselves out as potential donors, due to health or age restrictions. But each person is evaluated at the time of their death by a medical professional and determined to be an eligible donor or not. We have had donors from birth to over 100 years of age! Download our Myths & Facts brochure to share with your friends and family.

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