Stories of Hope


Liver Recipient / Westminster, CO

“It’s hard to describe the feeling of gratitude I have for being given my life back,” she said. “It’s an amazing experience to live through something very critical and scary and then be told you have a second chance at life. It is an incredible gift.”

In 2013, Tiffany suddenly became ill with terrible flu-like symptoms and rapid weight gain. After visiting the ER, Tiffany received life-changing news. Her liver had completely shut down, and she only had a 20 percent chance of surviving more than three months. Her only long-term chance for survival was a liver transplant.

A few months passed. Tiffany had already begun making her end-of-life arrangements, including talking to her two children about how their lives would change. Tiffany finally received a call that there was a liver available for her.

After receiving her lifesaving liver transplant, Tiffany now finds beauty in the simple things and has found a new appreciation for life.

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