Share Your Decision

You’ve already signed up to be a donor- great news! Now it’s time to share your decision with your family and friends.

  • Discussing donation with your family will help them understand and support your decision. Having these conversations helps your family during a time of great grief and loss. Set aside some time to have a heartfelt conversation with your family. Sharing your decision to be a donor is one of the most important conversations you can have with loved ones.
  • When you say Yes to organ, eye, and tissue donation, your decision to be a donor takes priority over your family’s preferences. Making the decision for yourself in advance and then sharing your decision with your family will make it easier for them during a very difficult time.
  • Another way to help is to share your decision socially. By simply sharing photos, facts and posts of support for organ, eye and tissue donation, you are encouraging others to learn more and make the decision for themselves. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest organ, eye and tissue donation news, inspiring stories and engagement opportunities.