What is a Donate Life Flag Raising Ceremony and What Does it Mean?

Have you ever seen a Donate Life flag raising ceremony? Ever wondered what the Donate Life flag represents? In this post, we’re breaking down what the ceremony means and why they are held, what the flag stands for, and how you can continue to show your support for organ, eye and tissue donation.

What is a Donate Life Flag Raising Ceremony?

Every April, hospitals across the United States raise Donate Life flags and fly them all month long as part of National Donate Life Month (NDLM). NDLM is a time to spread awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation and to honor those who gave the gift of life.

Flag raising ceremonies, though unique to the attendees and the hospitals hosting them, are a display of honor and support for organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

What Does the Donate Life Flag Represent?

Since 2006, Donate Life flags have served as a nationwide display of unity, remembrance and hope. They are a symbol to honor heroic organ, eye and tissue donors.

While Donate Life flag raising ceremonies are often held in April for National Donate Life month, the Donate Life flag can actually fly all year long.

In Colorado, many hospitals fly the flag every time someone has given the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. Flying that flag is a small, yet powerful way to honor selfless donors and their families.

What Can You Do to Show Your Support?

Now that you know what the Donate Life flag represents and why flag raising ceremonies take place in Colorado, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the Donate Life flag when you drive by a local hospital. Some even hold a small moment of silent reverence for donors and their family whenever they see the Donate Life flag flying high.


This April, be sure to #ShowYourHeart in honor of National Donate Life month. Getting involved is easy! Upload a photo, customize it with a heart that represents the gift of life, then share that photo, and why you signed up as a donor, on social! Help us reach 2,000 photo submissions in April to represent the number of people in our local area waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

One way you can show your support and honor all those who have given the gift of life all year long, is to sign up as an organ, eye and tissue donor. You can sign up online anytime at Donate Life Colorado or at the Driver License Office, when you renew or obtain your driver license or state I.D.

If just 2,000 of us inspire one person to sign up, thousands of Coloradans could be saved through organ, eye and tissue donation. Just like to Donate Life flag spreads awareness and honor for the gift of life, you can spread awareness too to help save lives – the lives of our neighbors, friends and loved ones.