Colorado is Number One in the Nation for Highest Donor Designation Rate (DDR)

State-DDR-ChartColorado is number one in the nation for highest Donor Designation Rate (DDR) with an amazing 69.1% of Coloradans that said Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation in 2018. This surpasses the national average of 49%, according to Donate Life America (DLA).

DDR is the rate at which individuals join the state organ and tissue donor registry as a percentage of licensed drivers and ID card holders.

Year after year, Colorado remains among the top states in the country in respect to DDR. We further explain why Coloradans might be so generous and willing to say Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation, here.

“We are humbled and inspired by the generosity of the more than two-thirds of Colorado residents in our communities that have made this landmark achievement possible through their selfless decisions to sign up as organ, eye and tissue donors,” said Sue Dunn, Donor Alliance president and CEO. “We also could not have reached this milestone without the help of our partners. We’re grateful for their support and the support of the communities we serve. Yet, we know our work is never done and we will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of those still waiting for a lifesaving transplant.”

AAMVA-Region-4Colorado receives the Gold Award for highest DDR in the region and in the nation.

To recognize the efforts of Donor Alliance and the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles in solidifying donor designation in Colorado, DLA in partnership with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Associations (AAMVA), awarded Colorado the Gold Award for highest DDR in the region and in the nation.

“Our front-line team members work diligently to register as many donors as possible,” Robert Baker, Interim Driver License Director said. “Everyone at the DMV realizes the gravity of our partnership with Donor Alliance, and we are glad to do our small part in helping save lives.”

Innovation-Award-RhondaDonate Life America DMV Innovation Award

In addition to being recognized for having some of the highest Donor Designation Rates in the country, the Colorado DMV training staff also received the Donate Life America DMV Innovation Award for its collaboration with Donor Alliance.

Over the last two years, Rhonda Reichel and the Division of Motor Vehicles Training Department has worked closely with Donor Alliance on an innovative way to measure the effectiveness of training and retention of information about organ and tissue donation presented in new employee training. New licensing technicians receive a 90-minute instruction block during the DMV’s intensive, week-long Driver License Fundamentals class.

During the class, technicians learn: who Donor Alliance is, how the donor registry and donation process work, what the facts about donation are and how to answer customers’ questions.

Before the instruction block, driver license training staff gives new employees a survey to gauge their knowledge of the facts about donation. New licensing technicians typically answer about 79% of the questions correctly. After about five months, the driver license training team sends out another assessment for licensing technicians to complete. The results show marked improvement and retention of the information with about 94% of the questions being answered correctly.

Donate Life America and AAMVA identified the collaborative process between Donor Alliance and the Colorado DMV as innovative. “This award is humbling,” said Driver License Training Supervisor Rhonda Reichel. “Our training staff is constantly looking for ways to improve and our work with Donor Alliance is part of that drive. I’m just glad that we have a partner that’s as dedicated to their mission as we are to training those who serve Coloradans.”

Join the 69.1% of Coloradans and say Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation when you renew or obtain your driver license or state ID or sign up anytime online.