Celebrate Father’s Day on the Race Track to Support Organ Donation

What do Father’s Day, NASCAR and organ donation have in common, you ask? Well, Joey Gase of course!

Who is Joey Gase?

Joey Gase’s love of racing began early in life. His father raced before him and at the young age of 8 years old, Joey started his racing career following in his father’s footsteps. He started with Go Karts, then moved on to modifieds and on to late models in his teenage years. Joey’s first NASCAR appearance came in 2011 and he’s never looked back.

What’s the connection between Joey, racing and organ donation?

From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the 28 year old is not just a race car driver. Joey is a passionate advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation. For Joey, it’s personal. At just 18 year’s old, Joey’s mom, Mary, suddenly and tragically passed away of a sudden brain aneurysm. Joey and the rest of his family made the selfless decision to donate Mary’s organs, eye and tissues. They later found out that Mary’s special gifts helped save heal the lives of 66 people.



Father’s Day holds a special meaning for Joey as well. Joey and his wife, Caitlin, have identical twin baby boys, Carson and Jace. Both boys love watching their dad race and they even join in to support their grandmother’s heroic donations.

Joey honors his mother and other heroic donors by continuing to share their stories. Through the artwork on his car and participation in racing events across the country, Joey’s cars are unique among NASCAR cars. With every race, he continues to give a face to the stories of those impacted by organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation.

Hear Joey’s Story Firsthand

Celebrate Father’s Day and Cheer for Organ Donation

We partnered with Joey Gase Racing to feature local stories of support and connection to organ, eye and tissue donation on Joey’s car for the Father’s Day NASCAR Cup Series race in Nashville, TN on June 20, 2021. Throughout Colorado and Wyoming, supporters of the cause and those touched by donation and transplantation told us what organ, eye and tissue donation means to them. These words will be used to decorate Joey’s race car, giving him and the cause motivation during the race.nascar-joey-gase-racing-donate-life-wyoming-fathers-day-race-nashville

To watch the Father’s Day race on June 20, please tune in to your local NBC Sports station.

And remember, you don’t need a special event to say Yes to giving the gift of life. Make the decision today and register online. Be sure to share your decision with family….maybe around the snacks while you cheer for Joey on Father’s Day.