Two-time Heart Recipient

Connor for webConnor was diagnosed with a deadly heart disease as an infant, and he doesn’t remember receiving his first heart transplant. He was only 6 months old when the surgery happened. It was Mother’s Day, which was especially poignant as it gave Connor’s mom (and his entire family) renewed hope for him to live a full and healthy life. The transplant gave Connor the most basic but wonderful gift that any child could hope for — life.

He lived a happy and relatively normal childhood, but after 11 years his body began to reject his second heart and Connor was placed back on the waiting list. A year went by and he became extremely ill. Then, another life-saving gift occurred and Connor received his second heart transplant in the summer of 2005, just before starting eighth grade.

Today Connor is an active 23-year-old senior at Regis University studying economics and politics. He’s also a musician and plays drums in a Denver punk band.

“I hope my story helps people understand that members of their community can and do live long and healthy lives through the miracle of organ donation,” Connor said. “Every day I am profoundly grateful to be alive, and I am powerfully aware that I am because of the generosity of two donors and their families.”

Connor is a longtime advocate for the cause of organ and tissue donation, and even shared his message with a national audience aboard the Donate Life Float in the 2014 Rose Parade.

Connor likes to remind people: “Don’t take your organs to Heaven. Heaven knows we need them here!”